Recruitment Outsourcing can help your organisation recruit the talent you need quickly and cost effectively, whilst ensuring a positive candidate experience. BPL provides a full end-to-end solution to manage and deliver your permanent, contract and fixed term recruitment.

We have been recruiting healthcare professionals for near 20 years and in 2012 alone we recruited near 300 individuals. By using our hard-earned knowledge and expertise combined with our adaptable technology solution we can help your organisation secure the talent you need.

We believe the benefits of healthcare recruitment process outsourcing from BPL can be summed up in three words: Speed, Service and Savings.


Recruiting talent quickly, whilst also ensuring best practice and national employee screening requirements are met, can prove difficult for many organisations. At BPL we have evolved our recruitment systems and processes to ensure we get the right person at the right time for the right role. With our recruitment solution process we can transfer this knowledge and experience to help our clients do the same for their substantive and contract talent.


The quality of the service we provide to clients and candidate is one of the key features which differentiate BPL from other providers.
We help managers to recruit quickly and effectively, increasing their productivity by reducing bureaucracy and duplication. We reduce candidate attrition by managing their expectations throughout the recruitment process.


Our extensive experience in recruiting healthcare professionals, our knowledge and staff on the filled in the European market will help you reduce the costs associated with recruiting talent. Typically our clients can expect to see savings in back office costs, bank and agency costs and process duplication.


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